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Oak3D creates high-end visual renders for a major residential property developer in Eastern Europe

The client ordered 30 renderers, instead of the original 10, as a result of this positive customer experience.
The company is one of the largest residential property developers in Eastern Europe. They have been developing and selling properties across the region for many years.
However, at that point, they had no clear vision or understanding of what type of renders they required.

The company was also going through a transformation because the corporate style of the company and the real estate sector as a whole were evolving. Their brand identity changed during the transition, and it was necessary to update the visuals respectively so that everything followed the same style.

The project was challenging as we needed to start from scratch and extract the true desires and needs of the client before any work could start.
When the client approached us, they needed high-quality visual renders to produce content for their sales site, brochures, and banners.
Our communication with the client began during the pandemic in 2020, so all the initial meetings were held via Zoom.
We provided three times more angles than was required under the contract to ensure that the client was 100% happy with the end product.
Our talented 3D visualisation artists designed an architectural model with exposed angles which were supported by references and detailed sketches.
The client didn't have a complete picture of what he wanted, so we offered different options that helped us find what we needed. Once we had a good understanding of their vision, we created an in-depth project presentation.
We weren’t able to meet with them in person until the beginning of 2022, but we maintained close contact with them remotely during those two years.
We held multiple meetings with the client to gain a deep understanding of their values, needs, and goals. Our team explored different approaches to find what the client preferred and provided tips to improve their visual content.
We arranged a meeting with Bonava after completion to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the project, along with recommendations for further cooperation.

All in all, we received very positive feedback and the client was especially impressed that we met the deadline while still providing high-end renderings. They also commented on the quality of our communication process and said that we were one of the best contractors they have worked with.

We have been instructed to deliver further work by Bonava following the success of this project and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
The project was delivered
on time thanks to detailed preparatory work, clear communication with the client, and an agreed work process.